Acadias Own - the Grossman -

Vert Gods II - Jeff Grosso age 43

The first time I ever heard of this talented vert rider was when my homes Hernan  bought his Santa Cruz Coca Cola inspired deck. He showed up at my house one day, and with a smile from ear 2 ear he said..."look what i got, try it!"  I steped on the board and my view on skating changed. I realized that not all boards should be shaped the same, and different boards for different riders..

   A very short time later, started seing mr. Grosso in thrasher magazine, transworld skate mag and others, Santa cruz ads, Independent trucks ads, spitfire wheels ads, Wheels of Fire vid,.. Jeff was everywhere packin' a bag of stylish tricks!
Once you see this man's steez, you know, why anyone with a camera, wants to shoot him!
bat model


LOVE LETTERS- Mony Grind- Part 1 from Six Stair on Vimeo.

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