2 Millers Are Better Than 1

I saw this on The Skateboard Mag's website... Thunder trucks' welcome clip for Chris and Zack Miller.
Watch the father and son combo shred the combi!

Ace Skateboard Trucks MFG.

     Why ACE? because they look a little different than all the rest. ACE 44's is what I'm currently riding. And after riding them for a couple of months, I can say they have an incredible flow! Sweet comfortable surf style turns, they feel lighter than any trucks I've owned ,and they grind really smooth. 
 In other words, They feel like they where made for me !!!
But enough about me, check out the video and see how the Ace Pilots ride them in Montreal, Canada!
Here is a good review on 'em

Chris Haslam + Sitka = Canada

Chris Haslam goes for a ride at Gordon Head park in Victoria, B.C. dressed in sitka clothing...

2012 Van's Bondi Bowl-A-Rama Date Announced!

The Vans Bondi Bowl-A-Rama will be held on Saturday February 25,2012. All the action gets underway at 10am.  Mark the date on your calendar and stay tuned, as more info will be released as the date approaches.
If reading this post got you in the mood for some Bondi action, here are some highlights of last years event.

Ben Harper & Mike V

what do you get when one of your all time fav musicians gets on stage with one of your all time fav skaters:

Red Hot Vision Street Wear Contest

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS I Was listening to some of their old albums today. Halfway through "me & my friends" I though about mine and then I remembered the first time I saw them ...