Skatepark Etiquette - BASICS with Spencer Nuzzi

Every time I hit skateparks(in da'burbs)during kid friendly hours, I spend quite a bit of time explaining to the young ones and/or their parents, about SKATEPARK ETIQUETTE. Some parents are so unfamiliar with any kind of etiquette that they look at me as if explaining in a foreign language. Well, I aint esplainin' no mo! I'm just gonna pull out my phone and show them this vid!

25 Years of Black Label

Black Label Skateboards is 25 yrs. old... Skate legend and founder John Lucero tells us how it all started...

Vans Pool Party May 11th

> 9th Annual Vans Pool Party returns to the Vans Skatepark in Orange on Saturday, May 11.
 Pool Party will be webcast live at

A Lewis Marnell Tribute - Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals

Ben Harper is helping to raise money for the family of Australian pro skateboarder Lewis Marnell, whose untimely death in January at the age of 30 left his family in dire financial straights. A lifelong skateboarding enthusiast and friend to skaters around the world, Harper has reunited with the Innocent Criminals for the first time since 2007 to re-record the song "Jah Work" from his 1997 album, "The Will to Live." The song will be available on iTunes April 30th, with all proceeds going to the Lewis Marnell family memorial fund.

Bones Brigade Secret Session

The Vans skate park was taken over on March 2nd by the Bones Brigade.
Their mission was to raise funds for Tony Hawk Foundation .

Rodney, Tommy, Mike, Lance, Cab and Tony sessioned like the old days as they raised funds for the birdman's charity. They were joined by Christina Hosoi & Chris Miller... check the vid, gnarly!

Santa Cruz - A Skateboarder's Paradise

Here is the Santa Cruz entry for this years Transworld Skate & Create. Featuring Emmanuel Guzman, Justin Strubing, Shuriken Shannon, Sid Melvin, Jason Jessee, Eric Dressen, Travis Erickson, Josh Borden, Christian Hosoi, Cody Chapman, and Ron Whaley... plus Steve Olson

Skate One Spring 2013

Powell Peralta at full force for the old geezer skaters... bones brigade decks, t's,vids & stickers. Going through this catalog will bring you back to 1984-88. check it --> SKATE ONE SPRING 2013

Birdman on Indy!

Tony Hawk has gone full circle and is now back on independent trucks... ride indy fuck the rest!