Acadias Own - the Grossman -

Vert Gods II - Jeff Grosso age 43

The first time I ever heard of this talented vert rider was when my homes Hernan  bought his Santa Cruz Coca Cola inspired deck. He showed up at my house one day, and with a smile from ear 2 ear he said..."look what i got, try it!"  I steped on the board and my view on skating changed. I realized that not all boards should be shaped the same, and different boards for different riders..

   A very short time later, started seing mr. Grosso in thrasher magazine, transworld skate mag and others, Santa cruz ads, Independent trucks ads, spitfire wheels ads, Wheels of Fire vid,.. Jeff was everywhere packin' a bag of stylish tricks!
Once you see this man's steez, you know, why anyone with a camera, wants to shoot him!
bat model


LOVE LETTERS- Mony Grind- Part 1 from Six Stair on Vimeo.

20 years later... still rollin' around

I love spending lunchtime at this place... in all types of weather.

 Just before lunchtime my phone rings, its Brad...
 Mr. McGinn is always up for a lunchtime session, even in the middle of winter with the ground coverer in snow.
 He tells me that he spent 3 lunchtime sessions diggin' out the bowl... and now, it was ready to be shredded.
frontside over roll in
backside tail or dropping in?

Ok! I'll be there in 10 minutes!
 - as I got my dog and gear ready, all I can think about was his dedication to the juice. Because while all his co workers where taking their one hour lunch break, stuffing themselves, Brad was hitting the hoof with a shovel, digging snow and heading back to work. All done,so that he could come back in a few days, and have his lunchtime face stuffing of gnar.

Once I got there.
 I could not believe, that the bowl was bone dry, because of rad brad's dedication.

 getting tips on how to carve the hoof's corner with style.
When you get the juice flowing, you don't feel cold - Brad floats a tuck knee

Peep this fs tuck knee! TRUE CANUCK STYLE!

These are a few pics of a few lunchtime sessions of the last couple of months.
The funnest sesh was this last one, there was snow everywhere, but the bowl was dry and the juice flow kept us warm.

afterschool sessions - sometime in 1990

Late last year, a childhood friend tells me that he had some pictures of us skating as teenagers.  Back in those days, we didn't skate with any cameras, so i was really curious as to when these pics were taken and what they were...

They were taken at Erics house. when he lived by Islington & Finch - also location of the board heist story- maybe one day it will make the blog...
Diego sliding his Lance Mountain Powell Peralta deck, Indy trucks & T-Bones.
Ricardo throws his jacket, nose to the air and grinds his indys, mounted on that second hand, street Hawk.

Jav slides a Sims Kevin Stabb with some nasty orange Gullwings and his favourite wheels - OJIIs Teamriders.

One of the worst group skate shots ever! great photography though!

These pics brought back so many laughs. Memories of carefree riding, all day skate adventures. Thanks to the TTC, we got all around the city ollieing, grinding, sliding and shreddin' all the concrete that surrounded us.
 Specially on sundays, when all of the stores where closed and you could skate an empty downtown Toronto! None of us rode to be professionals, or to shoot videos so we could then upload them to youtube...We just rode for F U N!
 THANKS!  eric for the pics & the rest of yous for the epic sessions , laughs & tons of shoegoo!