afterschool sessions - sometime in 1990

Late last year, a childhood friend tells me that he had some pictures of us skating as teenagers.  Back in those days, we didn't skate with any cameras, so i was really curious as to when these pics were taken and what they were...

They were taken at Erics house. when he lived by Islington & Finch - also location of the board heist story- maybe one day it will make the blog...
Diego sliding his Lance Mountain Powell Peralta deck, Indy trucks & T-Bones.
Ricardo throws his jacket, nose to the air and grinds his indys, mounted on that second hand, street Hawk.

Jav slides a Sims Kevin Stabb with some nasty orange Gullwings and his favourite wheels - OJIIs Teamriders.

One of the worst group skate shots ever! great photography though!

These pics brought back so many laughs. Memories of carefree riding, all day skate adventures. Thanks to the TTC, we got all around the city ollieing, grinding, sliding and shreddin' all the concrete that surrounded us.
 Specially on sundays, when all of the stores where closed and you could skate an empty downtown Toronto! None of us rode to be professionals, or to shoot videos so we could then upload them to youtube...We just rode for F U N!
 THANKS!  eric for the pics & the rest of yous for the epic sessions , laughs & tons of shoegoo!

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