Lord Salba

Steve Alba turned 49 years old this past weekend and he celebrated by doing what he does almost everyday... Shred pools!

As a young skaterat, Salba's ad's where taped all over my bedroom walls, he not only had style, but his graphics made the Santa Cruz ads something special to stare at on bad weather days.

Sometime in the mid nineties, I met him on van's warped tour. In those days, dudes like Neil Hendrix and Mike Frazier got all the attention from the screaming teenage skate rats, Salba was quite happy to just skate the vert ramp and go unnoticed, until...
That's until I realized that the dude standing next to me had a small eyeball ear ring. Shocked that Salba was standing right next to me, my mouth opened and blurred out, " hey dude, your Salba!" surprised that  I had recognized him,  he turned towards me, I could barely utter two words and couldn't believe the cool dude from the Santa Cruz ads was extending his hand out to greet me.
 I went home so happy that day, I had met a skateboard legend. He was the oldest dude on the vert ramp and his runs lasted minutes. On one of his marathon runs, a barely teen skate rat turned to me and asked me why this "old guy" was taking such long runs.  All I could reply was " Because he's SALBA, he rips!"

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