Bones Brigade - An Autobiography

Anybody else hyped on seeing this film? Search for Animal Chin was one of the first skate videos I seen as I begun my days as a skate rat. It was what I imagined a skate movie should be, awesome skateboarding, a plot line and a message. Search for Animal Chin was so influential to us, that we called our skate team -  "Team Chin".  I can vividly remember watching it over and over with my homies almost daily.  If we were going to skate we would put it on to get inspired, if it was a rainy day, we would put it on to get inspired for when it got dry outside, if it was snowing, we would put it on to get inspired as we waited for the warmer weather to roll around.
 It was the only skate video in my house that I would not let anyone borrow, if you wanted to watch it, then you had to watch it at my house! - I still own a the Betamax copy of it.

A documentary about my all time favourite skate movie is something I always thought would be awesome, but I never imagined it would be done, and to be directed by the man responsible for creating the original movie is beyond my wildest skate rat dreams ...
I think I'm going to round up those same homies, who are a lot older now, and have a reunion at the movie theater when this film comes to town.

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