Vanderhoof Skatepark but the locals call it, Da Hoof!

Built in 2004, Da Hoof is the absolute best transition found anywhere in Ontario. This bowl is perfect. The City of Toronto assembled a skatepark building dream team to build this bowl. Who was called to build this perfect skatepark?
Eric Munier - undisputed master of concrete.
Jim Barnum - design god.
These two are the best of the best, Toronto wanted one thing from these guys – simple – a “world class” skatepark. A park that would stand out on the world stage, that would be the envy of skaters everywhere else. It is pretty much all transition at the hoof, there is a small street setup - ledge, hubba, gap, funbox thingy….. nothing crazy, a good practice area for those working up to the bowl, or an area for the tech dogs to do their thing. For most, it’s all about the bowl.
One of the most inspiring things about this place is the community that has come together around it. There are four distinct generations that rip this park to shreds. There are not many things better than hanging out at the hoof on a summer day. - Hugh Newman, Skaters Inc.
Its something you gotta see for yourself!

-----> We are not kids anymore, but we still skate with the same spirit ! Cold Juice a.k.a OLD JUICE is a collective of riders who enjoy life by riding a  skate/snow/surfboard, its all about juice you get from riding!

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